In-depth control, optimisation & analysis

In-Site™ is an all purpose park management software package. It delivers a complete, professional set of tools with which to maximise the performance of small, large, single or multi park operations.


Accommodation Hire

  • Diary Based Bookings

    Gives you flexible control of your availability for all types of accommodation and agency bookings to create maximum occupancy.

  • Rally FieldNEW

    This facility allows you to take a booking without allocating a plot. You are free to mix touring caravans, tents and Motorhomes based on size.

  • Detailed Arrival & Departure Lists

    Printable in advance of the arrival or departure date and can include outstanding balance, number of guests & pets and required hire goods.

  • Interactive Bookings ChartUPDATED

    The chart highlights booking status, minimum stay periods, reserved accommodation and availability for the internet. You can also make, move, view and amend bookings from this screen.

  • Hoseasons & Sun Bookings Import

    Import your agency bookings and only bring through the relevant costs. You can then vet, move and up or down grade the booking before transferring onto your chart.

  • Hire Fleet Repairs & History

    You can easily manage repairs and view detailed history for each hire unit. The correct standing value can be calculated to help with budgeting.


Sales & Marketing

  • Caravan Sales Prospects

    The built-in prospect system allows you manage your lead bank professionally. It provides a daily 'to do' sheet per salesman and select mailer facility.

  • Deal StackerNEW

    This essential sales calculation tool allows you to quickly see and tweak the profitability of every potential deal in front of you.

  • Detailed Revenue Reports

    In-Site provides detailed revenue information on advertising, site fee, insurance, caravan and holiday sales.

  • After Sales / Warranty Management

    Every stock item has an after sales facility where you are able to record and manage all 72 Check, PDI and Warranty faults.

  • Stock Control & History

    Complete stock control facility from delivery to off site sale. Each unit maintains a full history of moves, warranty and repairs.

  • Selective Mailing

    Send targeted mail-shots to sales prospects, hirers and owners. The full history of your marketing activity is recorded for analysis.

  • Source & Marketing Reports

    The system can produce accurate sales funnel reports. E.g. Source, action, status, priority, appointments, recalls.


Online Services

  • Real-time Online Bookings

    Let your customers search and book holidays at your park quickly and securely at a time that suits them. The bookings website is constantly in-sync with In-Site to ensure accurate availability.

  • Payment Gateway

    Easily take money on the internet and on-site with In-Site. The gateway can be used for online bookings payments as well as any other transactions handled through In-Site.

  • Sales Marketplace

    Publish your current sales units to the internet with the click of a mouse. Any enquires that are made online are automatically added to the prospects database.


Accounts & Billing

  • Batch Site Fee Invoicing

    In-Site allows you to batch invoice separate fees such as Site Fees, Rates, Water Rates whilst maintaining your audit trail.

  • Caravan Sales

    All unit sales processes are automatically invoiced from initial unit purchase, Owners Sale, Part Exchange, Plot Move right through to Off Site Sale.

  • F.S.A Compliant Group Insurance

    The unique insurance facility gives you the opportunity to quote each of your owners with your group insurance quickly and accurately.

  • Utilities Invoicing

    Monitor gas, electric & water usage per plot. Includes batch invoicing and meter history.

  • Job Sheet & Maintenance Management

    Assign and monitor owner requested work. The system also includes a quote facility and automatic invoicing.

  • Standing Order & Direct Debit Facility

    Setup recurring charges, standing orders and direct debits to offer your customers periodical payments.

  • Credit Control

    You can set a credit limit for each of your owner accounts and monitor your aged debtors over 30, 60 & 90 day periods.

  • Seamless Link to Sage™ 50 & Sage™ 200

    Unique to In-Site - You can pick and choose exactly what is posted to your Sage software.


Other Features

  • Interactive, Printable Park Map

    Access detailed information on plot, owner, stock, meters and the booking diary for each plot. Apply filters for instant visual information on availability, vacant pitches, stock age, account balance and much more.

  • Tag label printing

    Print out durable colour tent & tourer tags to add to your weekly arrival packs.

  • EPOS Sundry Income Module

    The EPOS module gives you a basic cash register for the sale of sundry items. It can be used with a barcode scanner and the transactions can be charged to an owners account.

  • Custom Report Designer

    The built-in Report Designer is easy to pick-up but hard to put down. You can create custom reports on owners, prospects, bookings, financial - the list is endless.

  • Barrier Access Control

    Close proximity security barrier and facility access via key cards and fobs.

  • Membership passes

    Create a photo ID card for hirers or owners. Cards can be used with the access control system for increased security.