Job Sheet & Maintenance Management

With In-Site you are able to produce three different types of job sheet; Owner, Stock and Park. Owner job sheets are jobs requested by owners. You are able to pre-cost regular jobs E.g. Exterior wash, Slabs laid etc or type and cost at the time of issuing.

You may wish to raise a quote initially for things such as verandas or patios. Then allocate the job to a particular workman, out side contractor or member of staff. When the job sheet is returned and completed in the system In-Site will raise an invoice.

Stock job sheet are used mainly for Hire Fleet repairs and aftersales jobs not under warranty. The record of the work will always stay with the stock unit it was raised on, therefore maintaining the history of repairs.

Park job sheets are used mainly for staff members E.g. White wash Launderette, secure basket hangers etc. As with the stock job sheets where there is no cost the system will not raise an invoice but will keep the record.

Each of the job sheets can be diaried at the time of issuing. This will enable you to enter all Electricians work for the day he is on Park or all the siting to be done on specific days.

All of the job sheets are collated on the Job list that may be printed showing all the out standing work or printed per allocation. Normans list, Joe's list etc.

As jobs are completed they are coloured coded so you may see at a glance which have been payable and which have not. There is even a colour to show 'Waiting for Parts'

As each individual job sheet has its own unique number you may also ask for each job number to be listed on your contractor invoices.

The In-Site job sheet system has proved to be an invaluable tool for foremen and managers to control labour and costs.

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